Sales Success Primer Presented at PAII Podium

by Davies House Inn Staff on April 9th, 2013

Our owner, Jan Davies McDermott, was recently a featured speaker at the Professional Association of Innkeepers International 2013 Innkeeping Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  Invited to discuss Bigger Sales to Corporate Customers, Jan presented the methodology Davies House uses to attract corporate business travelers to the inn.   

Based on the book, "Whale Hunting", by Barbara Weaver Smith and Tom Searcy, Jan presented the three stage, nine step proven process to "Scout, Hunt, and Harvest" the right "whale-sized" corporate customers for Davies House. 

"Too often, small businesses, like bed & breakfasts and small inns, use a hit or miss approach to sales, not subscribing to a well-researched process for finding and bringing major customers to their inns", McDermott said.  "In today‚Äôs economic climate, an organized process brings a sustainable, replicable method - that B&Bs can learn - to 'Scout, Hunt, and Harvest' corporate business, which is key to highter occupancy rates."

As the book teaches, 'Whale Hunting'  gives small businesses the same edge larger companies use to target, pursue and close major deal that are often 5,10, 20 times bigger than their typical sales. 

"In committing to a sustainable future, competing against larger, branded lodging options, we must examine how to adopt and implement a disciplined, collaborative process that understands the economic concept," Jan said.   

Jan will present her workshop at several state conferences over the next year to help other small business owners improve sales and increase occupancy.  For more information about sales workshops, contact Jan at or use the website contact page. 

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