Are you ready for some football?

by Jan Davies McDermott on September 20th, 2011

Ok, so the team is 3-0, and everyone is confident, but this week could be a test - even more so than Notre Dame. Who would think Brady Hoke would be playing the team he left to take his "dream" job when they scheduled San Diego State way back when?

SDS has some pretty good press, some respectable numbers, and a grudge. If Michigan starts badly AGAIN, it could be the season's first loss.

Davies House welcomes some great guests this week. The Cope family: two brothers visiting a third, who lives in Ann Arbor. All the way from CT, the Thomas family: sister, brother and son.

Here's the great fall Apple Crisp we'll be taking to the tailgate:

  • Steam one apple per person - cored and cut into chunks - I like to use apple juice, cider or diluted spiced rum to steam the fruit.
  • Add brown sugar, maple syrup or honey to sweeten to taste
  • Stir in some oatmeal - based on the amount of moisture - a cook a few minutes
  • Just before serving, garnish with berries for color and granola for crunch.
  • Serve warm with hazelnut cream, whipped cream, or for dessert - ice cream

This dish can be made ahead and served cold, but it is really yummy hot on a cold day.

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